World Cup Police Diaries -IV

Someone might have seen this boy in Russia.

Finding Nemo


“Nemo…Where are you?!?! Nemo!! Where are you son?!”, shouted the concerned father across the crowded streets of Russia.

Image result for finding nemo Dory looking concerned
Looking for his son, Nemo


“What happened sir, are you looking for someone?”, asked the helpful Russian Police Officers

Image result for how can i help you + police officer + images
We’ve already qualified! How can we help you?


“Sir, I am looking for my son, I had adopted him, we happily lived in Paris, he is missing since the beginning of the year, I have been looking for him. I was told he might be here. Please help me find him. Please officer please! I have been looking for him since the start of the World Cup! I just cannot find him”

I beg you. Please!


“Ok! Ok! Stop! We will help you! Do you have any picture of his?”, asked the cops in a heavy voice.

crying peter parker - stop, just stop I'm sorry ok?
Stop. I am sorry I asked.


“I call him Nemo, here, this is his picture”



“What the hell?!?! You don’t look like his father!?”, said the cop getting annoyed

How does he even look like your son?!


The man looking annoyed, pours a plate on his head and says “Happy?!”

Related image


“Alpha to Charlie, Finding Neymar, Copy, Over”, said the cop over the radio.

Cop Walkie Talkie Terrific Timeline July 12 2012 7 15pm First Arrest
Did he turn up at least today or what?!?


“Good news sir, He has finally turned up today, he is safe, diving and dancing “, confirmed the Cop.



“Thank you very much, Sir! I am glad he finally showed up today!”

robert downey jr relieved
When you see him doing a Messi, but suddenly Ronaldo happens





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