World Cup Police Diaries -III

Barmy and Negligent driving by the English in Russia.

Barmy and Negligent Driving!


“Excuse me sir”, said a polite, composed voice, to which the Police officer turned.

The officer who turned to the polite, calm, soothing voice

“We wish to lodge a complaint.”, said the warm, welcoming, local Russian fan base

The local Russian fan base

“Yes, How can we help”, responded the alert police force

Will a name-change clean up Russia's corrupt police force?
The alert police force. Picture Courtesy: Retuers

“We wish to report rash, negligent driving in the neighborhood”, said the leader of the local fan base in his polite pitch.

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY…Monster Truck Madness!
Barmy and Negligent driving

“Who do you think is behind this?”, asked the concerned cops

Concerned Cops

“The English…”, politely pointed by another member of the neighbourhood

Image result for Russian hooligans
Politely pointing out

“The English hooligans!?”, asked the Cop

UEFA EURO 2016 England - Russland Ausschreitungen in Marseille
English fans Picture Courtesy: Reuters/ J.P. Pelissler

“NO Sir! the English football team”

Three Lions on Unicorns, living it dangerously
Pickford crashes off the inflatable unicorn as Maguire (right) watches his goalkeeper falling
Barmy and Negligent skills
Lingard turned photographer as he used a camera to take photos of defender Ashley Young
Recording their over-speeding antics.

The Russian police officer was left spellbound.

Related image
Officer left spellbound

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