What on earth is happening?

Startled, Amazed, Taken aback, Aghast, Flabbergasted, Relieved were some of the reactions of different people supporting different teams this World Cup (#MeriDoosriCountry #ApniKaCaptainInstaParRotaHai #PhirBhiMeriDoosriCountry) except Ballwinder.

“Paaji, no wonder India has banned betting, all our obvious bets are going down the drain!”, I said with an excited demeanour. Ballwinder Paaji was still unfazed. I wanted him to give a reaction at least after Brazil-Switzerland draw. So then I broke to him all the surprises that have occurred as yet.


Spain-Portugal draw

Image result for spain vs portugal world cup 2018
Spain – Portugal Draw Picture Courtesy: https://indianexpress.com/article/fifa/fifa-world-cup-2018-gerard-pique-says-cristiano-ronaldo-prone-to-diving-after-thrilling-draw-5220107/


Argentina – Iceland Draw


globallinksnow argentina iceland
Picture Courtesy: https://globallinksnow.com/messi-misses-penalty-in-argentina-vs-iceland-leading-to-1-1-draw/


Mexico stun Germany 1-0

Image result for germany vs mexico  world cup 2018 images


Brazil – Switzerland Draw

Image result for brazil vs switzerland
(Buda Mendes) ;  http://www.sportingnews.com/soccer/news/brazil-vs-switzerland-live-blog-text-commentary-line-ups-stream–tv-channel/1j8hhwdi6j2sz1xfnhnvn9iqx7


” WHAT IS HAPPENING!!” I exclaimed this time, hoping to get a reaction at least now!

Ballwinder takes a well-deep sip of his beer, licks his lips, very calmly dusts his moustache to remove any hint of any froth, takes a deep breath while looking at his beer mug and says with a deep voice,

“Winter is Coming.”

Image result for winter is coming

Winter Is Coming”


“Even my beer is not chilled any more”, looks at me, hangs his head in helplessness and  repeats with even more pain,

“Winter is Coming.”



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