About Ballwinder

Ballwinder Singh was born as Ballu, the nice kid on the block who loved playing, but no one wanted him in their team.

It all started when one day, Ballu was made the ball boy. His job was when anybody hit the ball anywhere, it was he who had to collect the ball, no matter what was the shape, size or colour of the ball. What can we say, his friends were secular, never discriminated against him, always favoured him as the ball boy. It became very frustrating and cumbersome for Ballu.

Photo by McKylan Mullins on
Ballu, in wilderness, looking for the ball.

So he decided to start anticipating where would the ball be next so as to save his time and energy. Ballu became so adept that he started scolding and shouting at his friends to carefully place the ball, hence making him the master guide for his friends who went on to win the season with his precision, and foul mouthed guidance. That is when he was revered with the title “Ballwinder”, the one who wins the ball even before it is played.  Ballwinder had a very satisfying career and is now happily retired. He now wishes to enter an altogether different ball game. The ball game of bringing exciting previews, reviews, predictions and analysis for us commoners.

Ballwinder has his eyes closed. But Ballwinder is still watching the ball. So should you. Ballwinder is arriving soon…very soon.

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